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Less Than Jake

Sound The Alarm

Less Than Jake continues to churn out quality stuff. The music they’ve released in the later stages of their career has been impressive. “Sound The Alarm” is their 9th EP, but it’s just as good as anything the band released in the prime of their career all the way back in the 2000s.

“Sound the Alarm” has seven songs of standard Less Than Jake material. There are upbeat/peppy songs, then there are some middle-of-the-road tracks that feature some awesome horns and some fun depression-lain lyrics. The best thing about Less Than Jake music is that they always have a peppy way of singing about something that’s depressing. If you’re going through something similar, it has a way of cheering you up.

Early candidates for favorite tracks off this EP include “Bomb Drop”, “Call to Arms”, and “Good Sign”, but everything on this EP is good. It’s not Less Than Jake’s crowning achievement or anything like that, but the band’s 9th EP is a quality release that longtime fans will love almost as much as some of their better albums.


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