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The Unlikely Candidates

Bed of Liars (EP)

The Unlikely Candidates are back after a hiatus that lasted a couple of years and they’re better here than they were with their debut for Atlantic. On their new EP, “Bed of Liars”, they’re highlighting how the band should have sounded in the first place.

There were two standout songs from the band’s “Follow Your Feet EP” that they released with Atlantic. One was “Follow Your Feet”, not a bad song, but an acoustic song that fit the vibe with what was going on in music at the time. The other song was “Howl”, a guitar/bass driven song that let vocalist Kyle Morris show off his vocal talents. They should have pushed “Howl” and been pushed in that direction, instead they had to push the other song and the results weren’t quite as good. This EP has songs that sound like “Howl.” They don’t utilize space the way “Howl” did, but they’re all in the same vein and they all rock Morris’ standout vocal.
These six songs are all decent, the only real critique is that sometimes the band sounds a little bit too much like Panic! At the Disco lite. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just is what it is. “Your Love Could Start a War” is akin to “Howl.” “Ringer” could be the most fun alternative rock song of the year, and everything else stands on the same footing as those two songs.

The Unlikely Candidates should be household names right now, the band’s always been that good. With their new EP, they get to prove it. Here’s hoping that in 2017 they earn the rep they deserve. This EP is a great start.


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