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Shallow Side sounds like a band from Alabama. They’ve got a mainstream rock sound that’s gritty on the surface but smooth as silk underneath. They’ve been running for a few years now, but the Cullman, Alabama band could be onto bigger things with their new EP “I”.

First with “I” – it’s amazing for two reasons. The first is an evident one. Vocalist and frontman Eric Boatright is outstanding at what he does. There hasn’t been a vocalist in the mainstream rock world singing with his passion and energy in a long time. If the band wasn’t capable behind him, you could say that he carries this record. Lucky for Boatright, the band behind him is more than capable. The guitars on this album could lead a case study of what mainstream rock guitars should sound like and Seth Trimble and Cody Hampton just shred all over this record. Heath Fields is also a quality drummer and doesn’t miss a beat here either.

Shallow Side’s six song EP features five original songs and a cover. First with the original material – they’re all great, but the first two songs are better than the other three original songs. That’s common. Everything is good, it’s just that those first two songs are outstanding. As for the cover, the band covered Styx’s “Renegades” and it’s an unreal cover. It’s the only thing that can come close to the original version of the song.

Shallow Side comes along as one of the rising stars of the mainstream rock world. Look for them to keep building momentum as they play “I” out on the road until they release a long-awaited debut LP hopefully sometime in 2017.


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