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Barns Courtney

The Dull Drums - EP

Barns Courtney got off to a good start in 2016, but not everyone caught on to the singer/songwriter like we thought they would. Early on in 2017, Courtney and his label, Virgin/EMI, have decided to push out another EP leading up to an album. They’re hoping to reenergize the initial swell that the singer/songwriter received when “Fire” and “Glitter & Gold” dropped. The five-song EP features three new songs and the two previously mentioned singles. With the new songs, “Little Boy” is a light and wispy track that’s a nice change of pace from the two singles. “Hellfire” picks the energy back up and feels a lot like the sequel to “Glitter & Gold” and “Hands” feels like the appropriate end credits track to the EP. It’s got a steady toe-tapping beat to accompany an odd verse, before things get kicked into overdrive with a raucous chorus. These five songs are a good introduction to Courtney if you haven’t listened to his stuff yet. For established fans of the singer/songwriter, the three new songs will be welcome additions to playlists.


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