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Pop Punk out of the UK has been outstanding as of late. Notably, the music hot spot doesn’t give us a lot of music in that style, but things have changed. Despite their controversies, there’s no denying that Neck Deep has put out some amazing music. The next act to follow them is As It Is, a tremendous group from Brighton led by the awesome vocal of Patty Walters. Their debut album for Fearless is “okay.” and its outstanding thanks in large part to Walters, but also due to some awesome production and tight musicianship too.

“okay.” follows the pop punk formula for albums that’s been around for over a decade. Start the album off with a catchy song, front-load the album with your best material, and then finish things off with something sentimental followed by a soppy ballad. The good news for pop punk fans is that even though this formula has been around forever, we don’t get a lot of quality pop punk anymore. This is outstanding stuff. The album starts out great with tracks like “Pretty Little Distance”, “Hey Rachel”, “Patchwork Love”, and “Curtains Close.” These songs have some elements of a band like Neck Deep, they’re the most notable ‘new’ pop punk act going, but they also sound a lot like some classic pop punk acts from a decade ago that flew under the radar with some people – bands like Off By One and Diffuser.

It’s not the right era for As It Is’ “okay.” to be considered an instant classic, but if it was ten years ago, it would be. That’s meant as a compliment. Walters’ vocal is outstanding. There’s some great guitar riffs here. And best of all, this album is filled with great melodies. If you miss pop punk or if you’re still a casual fan, then you should be all over this new album from As It Is.


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