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Junebug Spade

The Age of Love

Oklahoma City’s Junebug Spade makes a brand of music that most listeners under 30 haven’t heard before. It’s legitimate garage rock with a psychedelic pop element. There’s a good reason why these guys have opened for Built to Spill here and abroad – it’s because they’ve got their own brand of weird that’s both enjoyable and damn hard to duplicate. On the album, “The Age of Love” the band shows off some true art that’s both fun to listen to and will remind you of their touring brethren, Built to Spill.

“The Age of Love” will win you over at first because although yes, it’s got some elements of psychedelic to it, it doesn’t go all the way over to the genre. It’s a little bit of everything. Of course, there’s a lot of alternative music vibe there from the early 90s – really think of The Flaming Lips – but there’s also indie pop, straight rock, a little bit of psychedelic, and even some elements of singer/songwriter. There’s a lot of fun on this album because it’s all over the place. Style aside, my favorite part of this record is the production. Songs like “Turn You On”, “Don’t Talk to Strangers”, “Sweet Seventeen”, and the badass “Aborigine” will make you feel like you’re walking into the coolest dive bar show you’ve ever been to. The production sounds like a really good band playing live and for a band like Junebug Spade, ultimately that’s what you want.

“The Age of Love” from Junebug Spade is a solid introduction. When all we hear is something with a synth beat which isn’t terrible all the time, it’s nice to get something new, original and organic and that’s what Junebug Spade provides here. “The Age of Love” is a lot of things, and among them it’s an enjoyable album.


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