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Great Good Fine OK


Consisting of Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman, Great Good Fine OK has steadily won over masses over the past couple of years by putting out some outstanding music. Existing since 2013, the New York duo makes some outstanding stuff and recently, they put out the short, but still good “III.”

“III” is just seven songs long and most of it features songs that have been released as singles. That’s a clear negative for fans of the duo, but for people who haven’t listened before- it’s a good thing. Their latest stuff is handy and accessible to listen to in one place. The songs on “III” feature some outstanding synth writing and some overall cool song writing. “Take It or Leave It”, “Get Away”, “Holding You” and “Always Love” are all great songs.

If you like alt-infused synth-pop, then you’ll love Great Good Fine OK and their latest album III. Their work from a programming/production standpoint is unmatched and they write great songs too. This is another album that’s a must-listen, even if it’s short.


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