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You Me at Six

Night People

Over the past ten years You Me At Six has slowly built up their reputation. They make music with an American flare and they're from the UK, when they started that was kind of their calling card. That’s changed over the past few years because the quality of the music has been outstanding. The band’s latest album, “Night People” was just released this past week and it might be their best album to date. It capitalizes on their ever-growing ability to write good rock songs and Josh Frenceschi’s ability as a vocalist.

Frenceschi is the main reason to really listen to “Night People.” His vocal is damned impressive all over this record. It’s akin to his past work but features some more dramatic stuff – almost like Jared Leto – on songs like “Take on the World.” The other cool thing with “Night People” is that they’re doing what successful bands do – they’re evolving logically from record to record. What started out as something that was pretty close to pop punk more than a decade ago for You Me At Six has turned into arena ready-rock, and really good arena rock too. You Me At Six is a great band and this is their best record to date.

If you’ve been a fan of You Me At Six over their past three records then this won’t change that at all. They’ve put out their best work to date, Josh Franceschi is a beast, and everything here is likable. Great record.


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