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Expertly produced by Ken Andrews (Year of the Rabbit/Failure), ‘Sleepwalker’ bears many striking similarities to the All American Rejects. Firstly the duo of Jamison Covington and Parker Case mirror the duo of Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler. Secondly there’s a distinct tendency for both the bands to sound like The Cure-although Jamison Parker have gone one step further by attempting to look like them. Thirdly and possibly most importantly the music is chock full of bright and breezy pop hooks that stem from an appreciation of power pop kings Weezer or even Cheap Trick. ‘Paper Rock Scissors’ makes a reworked appearance from the ‘Notes and Photographs’ e.p, whilst the duo are at their undoubted best aurally pummelling the listener with the aggressive power pop of the hooky single ‘Best Mistake’ or melody heavy ‘Slow Suicide’. The breathy vocals have their place on the slower tempo songs such as ‘Tearing Through Me’ or the sweeping balladry of ‘Here’s Everything I’ve Meant to Say’ but it’s at the expense of consistency, emphasising that ‘Sleepwalker’ is flawed due to its inclusion of too much filler material. A good debut album but not a great one.


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