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Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi’s new project is CRX, and listening to the new album from the group, “New Skin”, I like what I’ve heard. There are a couple of outstanding solos on the album, some fun lyrics (2 pounds of shit in a 1 pound big is always a winner), and some good production too. It’s not the best album of the year, not by a long shot, but it’s a fun 10 song romp that will get and keep your toes tapping.

Josh Holme produced this record, and what’s most noticeable here is that you can tell that he produced too. These songs sound like Strokes covers of “No One Knows” era Queens of the Stone Age. Holme’s influence is on this record, but it’s still mainly Valensi’s show. You have to love what he’s done here, it’s not really ambitious but the songs are well written and it’s a smooth alternative rock record.

CRX’s debut album is a short but sweet intro to the band that’s undoubtedly not a full-time focus for Valensi. He’ll probably have other things going on in the very near future. It’s a fun record to spend a little time with but you’re probably not going to revisit it after six months.


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