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Third Eye Blind

We Are Drugs EP

When thinking of bands from the 90s, Third Eye Blind has had the most unique journey. They never matched the success of their self-titled debut album but they went on to become a more respected band than most of their colleagues from back then and their debut album is one of the most revered albums from their generation. The latest release from Stephen Jenkins and co. is “We Are Drugs” a seven song EP that has what you’d expect from the guys at this point in the career - politically and socially charged lyrics on top of some excellent songwriting.

As for the songs on this EP, there are only seven but they do enough and say enough to feel like there’s more; “Queen of Daydreams” is a laid-back love song, and it’s a unique track in the band’s catalog. “Don’t Give In” is a build-up track that can inspire. “Isn’t It Pretty” is a more modern version of a 3eb song and it’s enjoyable. “Cop Vs. Phone Girl” is a politically charged song that has Jenkins making a clear stance of support on the Black Lives Matter movement. Agree or disagree with what Jenkins is saying in his lyrics he says things in a matter that gets his point across.

The latest EP from Third Eye Blind builds upon their mystifying legend. Since they came back from their extended hiatus they’ve done what they wanted to do and they’ve established an artistic credibility among the public. It’s refreshing to have a band say what they have to say and not get punished for it and it’s even more refreshing to see and hear people still enjoying Third Eye Blind in some meaningful ways.


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