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Royal Teeth

Amateurs EP

Royal Teeth’s “Amateurs” has hit and I’m a fan of the new EP. Amateurs still features a lot of synth/electronic work but they smattered in a lot of acoustic and organic instrumentation. The sounds are a bit different here, but dual vocalists Nora Patterson and Gary Larsen are both still excellent in their tasks. I don’t think they had the proper balance between vocalists with their last release but I think they’re closer here.

The songs are better here than what we’ve heard from Royal Teeth in the past. “Villain” is a mash-up between modern indie pop and 80’s pop, “Kids Conspire” starts out a little rough around the edges but hits its stride with the synth work in the chorus, “Amateurs” might be the best track that these four have put together.

The latest from Royal Teeth is worth checking out. These six songs all range from good to great and the production and song writing has been taken up a couple of notches. Good stuff from Royal Teeth and a great way to finish 2016 for them.


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