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The Growlers

City Club

There have been few bands to find their niche the way The Growlers have since their inception in 2009. They’ve worked inside and outside of record deals and they’ve built their fan base the old-fashioned way, by touring their asses off and having a style that's perfect for fan's of fuzzy pych indie rock. Their fifth album, “City Club” was recently released and showcases the band’s new style, which is a far reach from their old style.

Produced by Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, City Club has it's producer's influence all over this record making it sound like some of his solo material. This record doesn’t sound like a record from The Growlers, it just fits in with everything else being released now. The whole thing just feels lost. The songs don’t seem to fit the style and if they do fit, then they just aren’t that good.

Up to this point, The Growlers have had their own distinct sound, with this record they’re moving forward, but they’re also moving backwards. I’m all for growth and trying new things, this just doesn’t seem to have worked very well.


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