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The Griswolds

High Times for Low Lives

The Griswolds have returned with a new album, “High Times for Low Lives” and it’s an extremely ambitious outing from the Australian quartet. It has moments of alternative flair, sure, but it’s more of a hybrid alternative album that’s heavy on pop and R&B with some heavy Michael Jackson influence from Griswold vocalist Chris Whitehall.

What’s great about this album is the variety here and the intention of making this set be a true LP. Whitehall and co. did a good job of making this record an album. Track placement was done with intention and you truly feel like you went on a journey at the end of this record. As far as the variety goes, it’s interesting. We’ve heard “out of My Head” and a couple of other songs that sound like what the band did on “Be Impressive” but really, there’s more to it than that. There’s funk, blues, R&B, pop, hip-hop, and pretty much everything in between on this record to listen to.

Now, while I do love this album, I will say that the song writing in the verses probably isn’t as good as it was with the first album. There aren’t that many good hooks on this record. The best one is probably “Out of My Head.”

The Griswolds take a step up with “High Times for Low Lives”, there’s little to no doubt about that. The songs could be a touch better than they were but the overall vibe of the record paired with all that great variety makes this one worth listening to.


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