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Tor Miller

American English

Tor Miller’s debut LP, “American English” is a musical love note to pop music from the early 70s; Music like ABBA and Elton John with great hooks, a lot of atmosphere, and it’s own personality. His writing style fits that type of music well lyrically and musically and his production team did a great job of capturing what it is that Miller was going for.
On American English you hear a lot of production elements that were made signature sounds in the early 70s; big, sweeping orchestra strings, intricate piano parts, and even some slight vocal effects. This album does a good job of capturing those elements and giving this record some personality. Musically, this album is really strong, I also really appreciate Tor’s lyrics here. He has his own way of writing them and making some odd combinations really work inside of some different melodies.
Tor Miller’s “American English” is a wonderful listen. If you like music with an older personality, then you’re going to love this record. If you don’t then it’s probably best to stay away. Either way, anybody can appreciate the craftsmanship here.


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