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Safetysuit just dropped a self-titled album. What Safetysuit has always done really well, they do well here. Douglas Brown is a wonderful lyricist and he’s in prime form on this record. SafetySuit had some epic bridges smattered throughout both of their first and second albums and that’s certainly the case here too. Their production has also always been really strong too. I thought their debut album was perfect, turns out it’s just good. This album is produced to perfection. It’s beyond ear pleasing, and from the first track to the last track it sounds as good as it possibly could. There’s not a thing here that I think they could have done better.
What makes this record stand apart from past Safetysuit albums are two things. The band’s always had success with wedding music. A few songs have fit, even though they didn’t mean for it to happen. Here they just embraced it and wrote two or three songs that are perfect for that setting. Second, the band took somewhat of a gospel approach to a big chunk of these songs. I like that, I think it opens up some doors for them that they didn’t have before and I really respect how they did it. Some bands haven’t really advertised songs about faith, they made it somewhat unclear. SafetySuit shared their opinions here and were very clear, precise, and unapologetic with it. It was bold and personally, I respect it.
SafetySuit’s third LP is a must-listen. Production, lyrics, musicianship, this album checks off everything on the pop rock list. Pick this one up and support these guys, they deserve it. 


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