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Saint Motel


Everything you need to know about Saint Motel could be heard on their 2015 EP, “My Type.” I’ve never heard a band have such a defined music before as this band does and they continue to do it with their latest album, “Saintmotelevision.” It’s jazz-infused pop with splashes of alternative and rock music.

Because Saint Motel has such a defined sound, you either like it or you don’t. If you didn’t like “Cold Cold Man” or “My Type”, then there’s nothing here that’s going to win you over. If you like those two songs, then you’re going to love this entire album. Everything is catchy as catchy can be and while there’s not a lot for variety, there’s some outstanding music at the front of this album that’s worth listening to. There are some cool horn parts, more than its fair share of fun melodies, and overall just some decent music.

Say what you want about Saint Motel, they do what they do and they do it well. This album’s short and sweet at 10 songs, doesn’t take itself too seriously and plays well. It’s their sophomore LP and only their third release, but Saint Motel have already found an identity as a pop group with a defined sound. It’s not the best thing you’ll hear but it will be found by the people who want to listen to it.


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