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Jason Mraz

Mr. A-Z

Jason Mraz has returned with his sophomore album, “Mr. A-Z”, the follow up to 2002’s breakthrough album “Waiting for My Rocket to Come”. While his debut album may have shown us where Mraz is going with his music, Mr. A-Z shows just how far he can go. Appropriately titled, Mr. A-Z may be one of the most diverse records ever recorded. The 12-track disc, produced by Steve Lillywhite, The album features everything from orchestral, to psychedelic to hip-hop, techno-driven tunes. The cleverly written “Life Is Wonderful” leads off the album, followed by the current single “Wordplay”. Next up is “Geek In the Pink” which is a fast paced track that critics might write off as another white guy trying to rap, a closer listen will find an infectious melody, a very refreshing style, and a perfect formula for a big radio hit. Next up is the piano driven “Did You Get My Message?” followed by the orchestra backed “Mr. Curiosity” which might push the diversity line a little too far with the opera singer breakdown at the songs conclusion. Never the less, Mraz keeps spanning the entire spectrum throughout this album. Mraz seems to have thrown all caution to the wind, letting his creativity run wild. While casual fans might be taken aback by this albums plethora of styles, hardcore Mraz fans may find this album to be even finer than his debut.


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