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Night Riots

Love Gloom

We’ve been following Night Riots since they’re PK days and they’ve never disappointed us. They’ve managed to put out song after song of awesome music thanks in large part to Travis Hawley’s obsession with song writing and production. Back in the PK days the band was a little brighter than they are now. Meaning, sonically they weren’t quite as brooding. They’ve always been heavily influenced by bands like The Cure, but now they’ve got full gloom on “Love Gloom” and you know what, it’s not bad.

For what you’d expect from Night Riots, that’s pretty much exactly what you’re getting. You’re getting some heavily brooding tracks like “Fangs”, “Contagious”, and “Don’t Kill the Messenger”. You’re also getting some stuff that’s only a touch more cheerful than that on “Breaking Free” and “All for You.” We also get to hear Travis mix it up at the end of the record with an acoustic track “Everything Will Be Alright” and a piano track, “As You Are.”

I still like “Howl” better than what’s here but “Love Gloom” is a decent album from Night Riots. The singles have all been good so far and the middle of the album also has some great stuff on it. I also love the slight change up at the end of the album. Night Riots should keep gaining new fans with this album and if you’ve already been one, nothing here is going to sway your opinion on that moving forward.


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