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Jimmy Eat World

Integrity Blues

"Integrity Blues" isn’t an album that’s going to open new doors for Jimmy Eat World. Everything this band can do, they’ve done. If they haven’t done it already it’s probably been predetermined to happen or not by someone not in the band. They’ve had a hell of a run and the good news for Jimmy Eat World fans is they’re not all that likely to stop making music anytime soon. “Integrity Blues” probably isn’t in the top five albums that the band has made but it’s still meets the standard that they’ve set over the years.

This is what you’d expect out of a Jimmy Eat World album. Jim Adkins’ vocals are wispy but heartfelt. His lyrics are introspective in an abstract way so a few people will know what he’s singing about but most of us will get out of the song and the lyrics what we want, or need, to get out of them. Musically, the rest of the band always does their part. Tom Linton has some tremendous riffs scattered all over the album. Zach Lind does a few things with the drums that nobody else could do, and Rick Burch provides some great bass work – especially in the intros to a few different songs. The bands good, and they’ve always been good. If there’s anything that falls short this time around, it’s the songs. They’re decent enough for the most part, but the overall set isn’t quite as good as what we’ve heard in the past.

Jimmy Eat World’s latest isn’t their greatest but it’s not bad. It’s great they’re still making music as good as they still are. It’s not “Futures” or “Bleed American”, “or even “Chase This Light”, but it’s still a decent album.


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