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The Naked and Famous

Simple Forms

Since their transition from New Zealand to the U.S. and the release of their major label debut, “Passive Me, Aggressive You”, The Naked & Famous have had a nice career. The debut was a good album, and the follow up to that, “In Rolling Waves” was a nice album too. That said, the group never had a massive single to push them on a worldwide level, and while the albums have been good, there’s been two amazing albums and then an album filled with material that was just okay. I was hoping for a change with their new album, “Simple Forms”, but it just wasn’t the case. There’s two songs on here that are good – “Higher” & “Laidlow”, the rest are just okay.

Still, they do some nice things on this album. The electronic work and the overall production of the album is great. Alisa Xayalith has an amazing voice and every song on the album would work well as some kind of sync license. It’s a nice release but it’s not quite as good as the last two albums. This album adds to what’s already been a good career and if you give it a shot you’re more than likely to find something you’ll like.


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