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Oh My My

There are artists that follow trends and then are artists like OneRepublic who make them. For the past decade, Ryan Tedder’s largely been responsible for roughly a couple of dozen trends in the industry. With “Oh My My”, that’s not going to change. Tedder is on the top of his game with his production and his songwriting.

Recorded in 26 different countries, these 16 songs are some of Tedder’s best. Recording in different locations isn’t something new for Tedder, it’s something that they’ve done before and something they’ll probably do again. What is new for OneRepublic this time around it’s the acoustic guitar that lights up the front of this album. Whether they’re using it as a driving element on songs like “Let’s Hurt Tonight” or as an accenting accompaniment on tracks like “Future Looks Good”, it something new and it sounds amazing. It sounds even better when Tedder uses some brand new sounds in the production to really drive attention to it. In addition to that acoustic guitar, Tedder does a good job with some different production all over the place. Songs like “A.I.” sound completely different from anything that OneRepublic has ever done – and it features Peter Gabriel – so it really stands out.

These songs are good from Tedder on the latest OneRepublic record, but mostly the production is as good as you’re ever going to hear. Tedder really outdid himself on this latest record and his habit of setting trends instead of following them isn’t likely to go away anytime soon.


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