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The Mowglis

Where'd Your Weekend Go?

If there’s any band that I’m still surprised to see running since their inception it’s the Mowglis. They’ve always had a lot of members and they’ve also been through a lot of the industry without any really big single success. Nonetheless they’re still here and they’re back with a new album, “Where’d The Weekend Go”.

The Mowglis are kind of like Grouplove lite. They’re not as weird but they’re also not quite as good. That being said, “Where’d The Weekend Go” is the best album that The Mowglis have put out to date and it’s good enough to make them stand out on their own. From first song to last song, “Where’d the Weekend Go” features some great songwriting. Whether the song is being sang by Colin Louis Dieden – which is most of the time – or by Katie Jayne Earl – which is just as good – the songs are great. They’re catchy, they’re original, and they’re all fun. “So What”, “Spacin’ Out” “Bad Thing”, and “Spiderweb” are all sure to be favorites, but the album really doesn’t lose any momentum after it starts out so well. Every song on this album is solid.

The Mowglis latest is also their best and it’s not close. It’s superior in every way and it has Colin Louis Dieden and the rest of the group doing what they do best, making happy music for happy people. Hopefully this album makes some waves for them, they deserve that to happen. It’s a terrific release.


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