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Yellowcard’s latest is also their last. It seemed fitting after so many years that they’d say goodbye with a self-titled album. This album is certainly a good listen, but it’s also fairly short. It’s not their best, but it’s the perfect album for their farewell.

Sonically, this album sits firmly somewhere between their breakout “Ocean Avenue” and the follow up to that album “Lights and Sounds”. There’s a lot of big guitars that are a little more complex than what we’ve heard from the band lately. There’s also a greater focus on Sean Mackin’s violin than we’ve heard on the last couple of albums. Lyrically, Yellowcard frontman does what you’d expect. He looks back. He looks back at friends, fans, and family and he looks back at plenty of lost loves too. When a chapter closes you can’t help but rehash what’s happened and that’s what Key’s doing on this record.

The songs on this final Yellowcard album are all pretty good. They don’t focus on having a catchy melody as much as they focus on saying something musically and lyrically. There are a couple of softer songs here, but most of them are in the middle rock songs heavy on guitars with some really good arrangements around strings. A favorite on the album is the final song, “Fields & Fences” – it starts out slow and acoustic and it moves to a heavy rock song and finishes off with a beautiful string arrangement from Mackin.

Yellowcard’s final goodbye isn’t going to be their most memorable release but it’s fitting. The lyrics and the music make for a nice goodbye and the album ends on a perfect note with the final track on the album.


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