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Unstoppable EP

The Score’s second EP features six songs compared to their previous outing of four. That’s really the only notable difference. There’s still a steady mix of gospel and pop music that’s tied together with some serious hooks in the chorus. It’s a formula that seems to work for them.

The title track, “Unstoppable” is just kind of … meh. It’s the stereotypical song that’s being written for and/or targeted by sports broadcasts to use on promos or in segues before and after commercials. “Money Run Low” isn’t a bad song, except for the intro. The intro sounds like a track heard on adult contemporary radio in the early ‘90s, just not one of the good ones. It gets better after a rough start. “The Heat” is a little bit better than the previous two songs. The melody is really cool, and where the hand claps on the first two songs didn’t really work at all, they work well here. “Where You Are” is the most gospel song that I’ve heard by a pop group in a long time. It’s not a bad song, it’s just a little strange in contrast to the other material on this release. “Don’t Wanna Be” kind of reminds of a song from The Script before they got too commercial. “Going Home” is the gospel-influenced track that the duo did right. The melody everywhere in the song works over and over and the chorus is really good. Out of the six songs on this EP, this one is the best and has the most potential.

It’s a tough sell to say that this EP is better than the last one, but if it’s worse it’s only marginally so. There are some different things these guys can do to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. The gospel stuff was a nice start, now it’s time to find another part of the formula.


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