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Bad Suns

Disappear Here

The sophomore album from Los Angeles-based act Bad Suns has it’s moments. There are a lot of great songs here and the group took the Cure/Duran Duran influences that they had with the last record and built on them even more. They’re a bit like Night Riots but not quite as brooding.

The album starts out hot with the title track, “Disappear Here.” It’s a song that would fit right in with the band’s last album. The guitar work throughout is insanely cool and the bridge into the chorus is the perfect warmup for the awesome melody to come. “Heartbreaker” is a great song but it also sounds like it could be played on a 4 song cassette single in 1986. “Off She Goes” is one of my favorite song to come out this year and it’s just a really cool track. Those are the immediately highlights off of the record for me, they just keep coming and coming but the 80s influences never really stop and lead singer Christo Bowman never relents in guiding us through some really cool music.

It might not be as good as their debut, but it’s almost there. If you’re tired of the 80s-influenced alt pop music then this isn’t for you, if you are in to that stuff then this is the perfect record for you.


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