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18th & Addison

Makeshift Monster

When you think of couple duos you think of the indie pop fad that’s happening right now or you think of something a little folksier than 18th & Addision. Doesn’t matter. 18th & Addision make pop punk with rock production and some of the coolest harmonies that you’re likely to hear.

On their debut album, “Makeshift Monster” Kait DiBenedetto & Tom Kunzman balance their influences really well. There are a lot of them, but what’s most noticeable is the pop punk influence. Both of Kait & Tom sing and both of them have that kind of pop punk vocal delivery. It works for what they’re doing here. They also share the song writing duties and they both do good work. Lyrically they do some cool stuff, but they do a better job with all of their different melodies, especially in the choruses. Then they usually have harmonies in the refrain and that immediately makes it a fantastic listen. I also like what they did with production. They didn’t let it be over-produced and polished, they kept it real and raw, just how it should be.

18th & Addison are a great duo that make music that anyone who likes anything close to the rock genre can get into. Everything here is real and right in your face, whether that’s what they’re singing or how they recorded it. This is legit and it’s good too.


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