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Wild World

Bastille’s Wild World proves that it’s possible to make a sophomore album that’s better and worse than the debut. Thematically it falls far short of what the UK group did with their debut, “Bad Blood”. However, as a set of songs “Wild World” is better. It’s a better produced release and the songs as a group are far better here.

As far as a theme goes, the music that Bastille had on “Bad Blood” was pretty cohesive. Everything seemed to have the same kind of vibe to it. It was dramatic and well thought out arena ready pop rock with some new twists from Dan Smith. Whatever it was, it worked. On “Wild World” the only thing that ties the record together are the old school film samples – if that’s what they are. Honestly, I can’t identify them, but as cool as they are in places they also can remind you heavily of some of the stuff that Joywave does.
Admittedly I liked most of what they did with the audio clips on Wild World, they mesh well with 90% of the record, I guess if I can say anything it’s that they didn’t come off as completely original. I will say that of these 19 songs on the complete edition of this record there are 15 that I loved. This is a record you can listen to over and over again – whether it’s the lead single “Good Grief” or the ridiculously catchy verse and refrain in “Way Beyond” – the lyrics from Dan Smith and Bastille are great and the only thing better than the lyrics are the melodies themselves.

Bastille’s Wild World isn’t as complete or a compelling listen as Bad Blood but that doesn’t mean that it’s not really good. That said, I’d still rather listen to Wild World because the songs and the production are better.


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