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One Less Reason

The Memories Uninvited

Everything up to One Less Reason’s latest album “The Memories Uninvited” has been pretty good. Cris Brown has his own way of writing and singing his songs passionately, and it’s earned him fans all over as an independent musician. That said, everything before “The Memories Uninvited” pales in comparison to the latest album.

Why's it so good? The production is the best it’s ever been on a One Less Reason record. The album is a complete set with every song on here being worth listening to. The songwriting in general is terrific with insightful lyrics and haunting melodies that you won’t be able to escape. This is the best One Less Reason record and it’s not even close, that’s how good it is.

The album grabs your attention immediately with “Break Me” with its aggressiveness. That leads into the melodic “Something Beautiful” perfectly, which in turn, leads to the ballad “Sometimes” just as well. The album ebbs and flows exactly as it should. There's also some variety here. There’s standard mainstream rock tracks and then there are tracks that are 90’s alt-pop influenced like “The Lie”.

It's ironic that a mainstream rock act that couldn't get industry attention a decade ago has put out a record good enough to be a part of the renaissance of the genre. It's cool that he can say he did most of the work by himself too. Go and listen to this one as soon as you can, it's well worth your time.


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