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Con Etiquette

Resulting In...

Con Etiquette comes from Connecticut. Get it? It’s a simple connection but it’s also a pretty badass band. Led by Antonino Lappostato, the group has made a very cool independent hard rock album with some mainstream rock tendencies on their new album “Resulting In…”.

Lappostato fits the bill of rock band front man. He’s odd with an edge. He’s a vegetarian who studies Brazilian jujitsu who can’t overcome a mild obsession with cheese pizza and cigarettes. He also has a background in acoustic music, but he manages to be a perfect frontman for this rock act from the Northeast. He’ howls when he has to in a choruses and he perfectly carries verses he has to too. He’s an interesting guy and he fronts Con Etiquette perfectly. The rest of the guys in the band are just as good as Lappostato. Vincent Testani has great guitar lines and solos throughout this entire record. Michael Mandanici is a beast on the drums and Brian Gamse is the glue that holds everything together on bass.

What I loved the most about this record is how smart these guys are. As an example, they don’t extend a 2:30 minute song into 4-6 minutes, something that would be easy to do here several times over. Instead, they keep things loose and relaxed, letting the songs speak for themselves. That’s really a micro-chasm of everything with this record. They make hard rock music that’s smart and easy to listen to because it comes across as effortless.

This album is well produced and everybody who recorded on it can hold their own. Con Etiquette is wise beyond their age and experience and with “Resulting In…” they have the power to open up quite a few doors for themselves. If you're looking for something new in the rock genre, look no further.


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