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They’ve been around for well over a decade and still I can’t help but think that Bayside’s best music is still in front of them. Their 7th album, “Vacancy” is their best so far, and the Long Island rock vets have put something together that’s a blast to listen to.

The band’s latest is great for a couple of reasons. Anthony Raneri is his usual self with his lyrics/vocals, bitching emphatically all over the record. He changes things up a bit too. There’s some uplifting stuff from Bayside – at least some stuff that’s more tongue in cheek than what they’ve done over their past few records. The song writing here is also exceptional along with Raneri’s lyrics. There are melodies here that I’ve never heard from Bayside and the style on songs like “I’ve Been Dead All Day” manages to evolve what Bayside has established over the last couple of albums.

Yes, it’s Bayside’s best so far but I will say that I still think they can do better. Things get a touch boring in the middle of the record before recovering nicely towards the end with “The Ghost.”. I’m not a huge fan with how the record ends on “It’s Not as Depressing as It Sounds” it ends things in with an anthem and that song really would fit in better as an acoustic track These are small complaints on what’s otherwise an outstanding album.

Bayside’s 7th is their best so far, but they can do better. There’s lots to like here and there’s plenty to love too. If you’ve ever been a fan of the band or the Jersey/New York rock style that they and Taking Back Sunday have trademarked over the past decade – then you’ll be a huge fan of this record like I am.


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