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Morning Report

There may be more successful bands to come out of Canada – Mariana’s Trench and Hedley are there, but Arkells are Canada’s critical darlings, and with good reason. Albums like “High Noon”, “Michigan Left” have earned high praise because they’re great albums. The band’s latest, “Morning Report” is sure to follow suit.

Morning Report was recorded in spurts by the band with different producers in different studios when Arkells were able to record it. The producer they used depended on the song that was being recorded. It’s a method that makes sense – if you’re making something that’s specific in your head, you want to use the best materials to get there that you can. That was done with Tony Hoffer, Joe Chicarelli, Brian West, and Gus van Go. Normally, I’m not a fan of band’s working with different producers because it doesn’t promote consistency on an album, but that doesn’t happen here. Max Kerman and the rest of the group manage to create a wall of sound that smacks you right in the face. The production and instrumentation here are both outstanding. Better than that, every song on this album has a unique melody or some defining quality that makes it stand out from the rest. They also manage not to make anything that sounds all that close to what they've done on previous records. These are no small feats considering how many tracks are on this album and the amount of material that the band has put out.

If Arkells hope to keep the trend of topping themselves going, they have their work cut out for them going forward. “Morning Report” is an outstanding listen and one that will stick with you for a while.


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