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The Dirty Heads

The Dirty Heads

Nobody had as surprising of a rise to success over the years as The Dirty Heads. They were booted off of Sony after sitting on the shelf and not getting released for the longest of times – they’re only notable work with Sony was being featured on the Surfs Up soundtrack years ago. Since the band went independent and found a home on Eleven Seven/ Five Seven music they’ve built up a fan base and a following that few other bands can match.

With the band’s latest release, a self-titled album they’re continuing to go down the road of experimentation that they did with their past couple of albums. Sure, there’s still moments chilled out beach-themed reggae, but there’s also far more raps and electronic programming on this album than we’ve heard in the past. There’s also a really odd moment with a jazz flute, that doesn’t really work as well as I’m sure the band intended.

There’s a lot to like with this album for fans. It’s something that can be listened to, just not that often. It’s decent, but it doesn’t stack up next to band’s earlier works. Production is good, song writing is good, even the rapping Is really good here too, it’s just not as easy to listen to as the group’s previous work. Notably it’s good that the band is trying new things and trying to evolve, but they should do that on half of the record instead of most of it. Here, we get a chilled-out track to relax to with the first song, and then it all kind of goes haywire from there.


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