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Critical Mistakes EP

The three members of Denver’s synth pop act 888 used to be part of the metalcore act Drop Dead, Gorgeous but that was years ago. Far removed from that endeavor, the trio gained notoriety with their release, “The Decades EP” and that was good enough for the trio to get a record deal with Island and relaunch that EP before a full album release hits probably sometime early on in 2017. The relaunch of “The Decades EP” is now “The Critical Mistakes” EP and it features five tracks that shows off how good this band can be.

First, the title track is excellent here. The melody in the chorus and the synth work is outstanding. That edgier background that the guys have clearly holds an influence on the delivery of Danny Stills’ vocal. It’s slightly similar to a Saosin-type vocal – something that bands like City Sleeps, Armor for Sleep and dozens of bands used six to ten years ago. But it sounds and feels new thanks to the music that’s being played behind it. All five of these songs have similar formulas, but “Critical Mistakes” is the highlight of the five with “Seattle Rain” and “Decades” not far behind it.

Denver’s 888 is a solid act. “Critical Mistakes” is an awesome song and overall this is a good EP. They’ll be on to bigger and better things months from now, but as is the formula at the moment, this is a good introduction to a band you’ll be listening to regularly this year and next – and hopefully beyond.


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