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The Cabin

A trio from New York that we were just introduced to, FOXTRAX could be on to some big things in the alternative genre with their debut EP – The Cabin EP. The EP features art-heavy alternative music that uses some synths but still manages to sound completely organic. That’s in large part due to the EP’s inspiration.

When brothers Jared and Jon Stenz and their friend Ben Schneid decided that they didn’t want the city to influence their first recording session, they decided to go to a cabin in the woods of North Carolina to write music. That's where the EP name “The Cabin” comes in. Where they wrote the EP is a spiritual fourth member of the band on the EP. You can hear the haunting effect that the surroundings had in the mood of their music. You can also hear the impression that the amount of quiet reflection they did on their trip has in their lyrics too. There’s a lot of reflection done here and it’s nice to hear. The inspiration drives a lot of the EP, but it’s cool because this five song EP is pretty varied from track to track. They’ll use synths in spots – but everything manages to stay pretty organic.

These guys remind me a lot of The Fray in their very early days, they write good songs that are personal and reflective. They use accenting guitars and synths but they don’t let anything overpower the song. They play songs together the way they wrote the songs together. I see some big things coming from FOXTRAX, especially if they continue to follow their own path. This is an EP that’s worth listening to.


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