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The Temper Trap

Thick as Thieves

Their first album in more than four years, The Temper Trap return with “Thick as Thieves”. It’s an interesting album from the Aussie’s – they used outside co-writers to create something a little more hook laden than their self-titled was four years ago and they also enlisted several producers to help them craft the sound this go around. It works most of the time here. The songs are all written really well and Dougy Mandagi’s vocal holds up and carries the listener through the song the song just like it did on the debut from the band. That said, the production here is largely hit or miss and can detract from a song that’s crafted and performed well.

Why is the production so spotty? It’s because every standard trick that’s been done with a stadium in mind is done here. Edge guitar effect imitations in places, heavily reverbed guitars in others, along with percussion that’s far too deep in places and doing its best Imagine Dragons impersonation. You’d love some more originality to be done on the production side of this album, and it falls short of meeting it’s potential in places because of it. Still, there are some damn brilliant choruses on this record and when they’re sang by Mandagi - it’s enough to send a chill down your spine. So, say what you want about the production, but if it’s a part of a record that’s able to pass the chill test, then they can’t have done everything wrong.

The Temper Trap’s third album still isn’t as good as their debut, but that’s probably not going to happen for anyone that’s been listening to them that long. It wins in more than one place at being a complete listen and Dougy’s voice remains as tremendous as it has been. It would have earned more points with some better production but it is what it is. No matter how you judge this personally it’s more music from a great band which is nothing scoff at.


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