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LANY’s new EP follows up on what made me hooked to the last EP – a soothing and addictive vocal from frontman Paul Klein, some outstanding synth work, and some really cool R&B guitar work keeping pace with everything. The first EP was a good effort, their new EP, “kinda” takes things to a whole different level for the trio from Los Angeles.

It’s easy to love Klein’s voice and the instrumentation that goes along with it, but what I really dig about LANY is their ability to craft unique melody’s. Patterns and norms be damned, they’ll start out a song anyway they want and they’ll craft verses in a matter that’s anything but typical. Then the hook in the chorus manages to synchronize perfectly with the weird verse that was done before it. Five of these six songs are outstanding and by far LANY’s best work to date and that weird but awesome writing style is on every one of these songs.

LANY could be the next big thing. I wasn’t that impressed with their last EP, but with this EP I’m listening to it over and over enthusiastically. Give this a shot and more than likely you’ll be doing the same.


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