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Magazines or Novels

Andy Grammer's sophomore album is a more personal and varied album than his last outing. While there were a number of great songs on the last album they all ran the line of pop rock and didn't stray too far from it. Grammer's second record, Magazines or Novels is all over the place - in s good way. The range is amazing, from the country tinged "Honey, I'm Good." to the rhythm-based "Pushing" - the album bounces between four and five different styles. The varied styles are great, but the real strength of the record comes with Grammer's songwriting. As good as the songs were with his debut record - they're even better here. "Back Home" is an amazing single that's getting ready to make a huge push at radio. It's already doing well, it should be doing even better in a couple of weeks. There are five other great songs that can make a big impact for Grammer this year and beyond too. Overall, Magazines or Novels is a terrific sophomore record for Grammer and it should allow him to keep things going with the hot streak that he's on.


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