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Nico Vega

Lead to Light

Nico Vega's giant fifteen song album, Lead to Light has some carryover music to it, the more poppy songs that were on their last release were carried over to this record to it. That's kind of fitting for the type of album that it is. It's not a bad record, It just feels like music from a band that's trying to find themselves. Nico Vega's last record? That was a screaming rock affair that put most other rock records to shame, but there was a problem with that sound for the group. It didn't latch on to the demographic it aimed for and that style of music proved to be too taxing to take on the road consistently for frontwoman Aja Volkman. The music on this new record is just pop music, a lo of it was produced by Aja's husband Dan Reynolds and that explains a lot of the sounds on the album, the part of the record was produced by Tony Hoffer, that just adds to the overall confusion of sound from the band. There's no denying the talent from Nico Vega, but they haven't found their definitive sound with this record, that's not to say there isn't hope for them in the future, they're too good for them not to find their new trademark sound.


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