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Theory of a Deadman


Theory of a Deadman's latest album, Savages can tell you a lot of things. It can tell you where the mainstream rock genre is. It can tell you the type of band that Theory is. It can tell you the type of band that Theory was. If you listen to the lyrics you can even hear what's been going on in Tyler Connolly's life other than making music.

The main thing that Theory's latest album tells me is that while they might not be as relevant as they used to be, but they're still a awesome band. Tyler Connolley still writes catchy songs too. They're a smart group and they know that in order to survive they need to write a radio song or two. So, in a way Savages is a bit like a checklist. Radio song? Check. Heavy song to get a rowdy crowd going? Check. Smart song with tongue in cheek lyrics? Check. It even has the heartfelt Theory ballad that they've had so much success with over the past few records. So this is a Theory of a Deadman record through and through; but it's not really the band's best work. They had that an album or three behind them. That said, Theory made more good music and that counts for something. Where the band goes from here is anyone's best guess. My best guess with Theory of a Deadman however is this will be the last album they make on a label and the music we hear from them in the future will be significantly heavier than what we've heard from them lately.


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