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Nightmare and the Cat


Nightmare and the Cat's label debut, Simple is a throwback album. Django and Samuel Stewart have a band that carries the new wave tradition that their parents held during the 80's with Eurythmics and Bananarma. They do it, but they do it in their own way. Nightmare and the Cat's music is a brooding instrument driven band that's at their best when they find a strong hook and latch on to it.

Simple works when it's well… simple. There are a lot of really great new wave inspired pop songs like "Undercover," "Sarah Beth," and "Goodbye So Many Times." Those three songs and most of the good moments on the record have a great balance between the new wave inspired pop and a brit pop sound that works terrifically.

The problem with Simple is that it's not nearly ambitious enough. Sure, there are some catchy songs and some fun moments on this record but everything drowns together too much and some of the songs just aren't as good as they could be.

With Nightmare and the Cat on Simple the main thing to listen for is the potential that this band has. The Stewart brothers are immensely talented and they show flashes of brilliance, maybe with the next one we'll find out how good they can really be.


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