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Don't Kill the Magic

Magic! Not Magic. Not The Magicians. Magic! has released their album, Don't Kill The Magic through RCA. Over the past three months the band has been taking over airwaves around the world with their song, "Don't Be So Rude." It's easy to hear why. It's a fun song that's catchy and it's easy-going but romantic attitude makes it a hit with the ladies and tolerable for the guys. After releasing to their new album, once the single has run it's course, the band can continue to climb in notoriety and keep spreading their music.

Don't Kill The Magic! is going to be a little repetitive to most of us. I can't say that a lot of us listen to reggae-infused music all the time, so knowing that going into the record you can expect to hear a lot of the same melodies and a lot of the same types of songs throughout this record. There's not a lot of variety to people who aren't fans of the genre. I felt that way on the first listen through the record, but after letting it sit with me for a couple of days that eventually faded.

There's no doubt that Magic! knows how to write the type of music they want exceptionally well. If Train somehow tuned into how to create the perfect adult contemporary hit that can flirt with country music, then you can say that Magic! has that same power but with that AC sound mixed with reggae music.

There's lots to like on this album from Magic! I love the easy-going nature of everything. I love a lot of the songwriting and I love frontman Nasri Atweh's voice and story-telling. There's something special about the melody with "Rude" mixed in with Atweh's ability that make it a memorable song. As the band continues to promote their hit and their new album, it will be interesting to see where Magic! goes next. Do I think the music is good enough to avoid a one-hit wonder stigma? Absolutely. Can they be lucky enough to avoid it? That remains to be seen.


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