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Young Rising Sons

Young Rising Sons EP

I'm a huge fan of Young Rising Sons. After listening to "High" I was convinced that this band was going to be the next band to break out of the genre and enjoy the type of success that we've seen from bands experience on their first album like Walk The Moon and Imagine Dragons. After listening to the band's EP and the four songs on it, I'm convinced of that even more.

The ability for Young Rising Sons to write some amazing melodies is undeniable but that's only a small fraction of what they do right with the new EP. The production is amazing, especially with the vocals and some fun nuances. All four of these songs are terrific listens, and Young Rising Sons have a sound that's a fun blend of folk, blues, and overall alternative that just works. Go listen to this one, then you can look back on it a year and a half from now and remember listening to it for the first time.


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