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Strange Desire

When a member of a known band comes out with a solo album or a side project, I always get excited. Especially when he’s not the frontman or the lead vocalist. That’s the case with fun.’s Jack Antanoff and his new project Bleachers. We get to hear what Antanoff’s music would sound like outside of working with fun frontman Nate Ruess. As it turns out, it’s something that I even more than fun.’s work. The debut album from Bleachers is Strange Desire and it’s a great listen from start to listen.

The immediate reaction from listening to Strange Desire is how diverse it is from song to song. There are elements of new-wave and there are elements of rock but there’s also plenty of classic and experimental pop that’s great to listen to too. There are a ton of great elements on this album and Antanoff never lets down his audience in the chorus. This record is a little like something George Harrison would have made if he existed musically in this era. It’s listener-friendly pop that’s fearless and fun.

Bleachers is going to be several people’s favorite album to be released this year. It’s definitely in my top ten. All of the singles that have been released have been great, but the album tracks and the moments at the end and at the beginning of the album are pretty special too. This is a great record to listen and love this summer.


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