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Isolate and Medicate

Seether’s first album away from Wind-Up turns out to be an amazing one in Isolate and Medicate. The new record sees the band exploring their sound, dipping into programming and blues while keeping the band’s trademark sound intact. What Shaun Morgan and co. accomplished with the new record is no small feat. They made a great mainstream rock record that has a chance for the younger generation to latch on to. It’s something that Linkin Park struck out on with The Hunting Party, but it’s something that Seether passed with flying colors on their new album.

Morgan’s songwriting genius is in fine form with this new album. Lyrically and vocally this is a mishmash of different moods and offerings from Seether. There’s happy and sad and everything in between. There’s self-loathing, but there’s also a lot of hope, that’s something that you haven’t seen with every Seether record.

There are some terrific songs on this album, but it’s important to note that there’s not really a bad song on this record either. Nothing is boring. The other really cool trait about this Seether record is that even though they do some exploring, this is the closest record that Seether has made to Disclaimer since that album was released. It’s far more grunge than post grunge, and that’s definitely a good thing.

Seether’s Isolate and Medicate sees the band adapt to fit the times while appeasing their core group of fans. At least that’s this listener’s take on things. It’s a fine line that they walk between those two sides, but it’s one they walked incredibly well.


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