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Somekindawonderful has all kinds of wonderful personality disorders. At some points on their debut self-titled record, they play breezy modern pop. At other times they have as much soul as anything I’ve heard outside of The Heavy in modern music. Then there are other times that they play like an awesome alternative band. Somekindawonderful is some kind of awesome.

This self-titled record works well because of all of those different personalities, but also because the music is simply great. My favorite song on the album is the final song on the record, “Burn.” When does that happen these days? Not a lot. That song is a micro chasm of the whole record. It starts off with a cool ukele part with Jordy Towers singing, then the horns and old-school percussion come in during the chorus and they finish with all kinds of odds and ends at the end of the song. Every song on the record is a mini adventure and Towers vocal is the perfect tour guide.

Check out Somekindawonderful’s new album now. You won’t regret it. I’ve been listening for a solid week and I can’t get enough of it. It’s an amazing record from an outstanding band.


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