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Adelitas Way go for a less is more approach on this the band’s fourth album; a growing trend in 2014 that shows that the band isn’t afraid to break away from the traditional mainstream rock that has served them well over the last three years. Indeed ‘Alive’ perhaps encapsulated this more than any other song, garnering plenty of airplay and boosting the sales of ‘Home School Valedictorian’ that spawned the active rock hit’s ‘The Collapse’ and ‘Sick’. Producer Nick Raskulinecz oversees the organic shenanigans this time around on an album that although easily identifiable as Adelitas Way could be construed as something of a risk with its stripped back nature. First single ‘Dog On A leash’ is about as close as it gets to the Adelitas Way of old and yet there’s a charm and honesty to songs like the Nirvana-esque ‘Blur’, the power ballad ‘Undivided’ or the chiming jangly pop of ‘Keep Me Waiting’. Perhaps Rick Dejesus has had time to reflect on the changing musical soundscape around him as modern pop has a noticeable influence on the songwriting this time around; the atmospheric echoes of ‘Drive’ have a certain Cold Play quality and the Enya-like orchestral embellishment on ‘Something More’ gives rise to the album’s most commercial moment. ‘We Came’, the aforementioned ‘Dog On A Leash’ and ‘Save The World’ provide the rock element of the album, but it’s rougher around the edges and you certainly won’t find a ‘Criticise’ or an ‘Alive’ here. It’s clear that band’s and labels alike feel that there’s no future in the brand of commercial rock that has been the mainstay of active rock radio over the last ten or so years. Strange when you consider how successful a song like ‘Alive’ has been. With Daughtry choosing the cringe worthy pop approach in order to stay relevant it is pleasing that Adelitas Way has chosen to remain associated with the rock genre to evolve. Although it’s undoubtedly a brave move the band’s star is rising and ultimately only time will tell if the tweak to their sound will translate into the success they so richly deserve and vindicate the change in direction.


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