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Year of the Caprese

Cherub's new album Year of the Caprese is a fun electronic album that you'll enjoy if you're not looking for something to take too seriously. The musical duo of Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber make some great sounding music that's easy to get into. Year of the Caprese is filled with some quality songs and big moments if you appreciate great programming work. Some of the rapping and the guest spots on the album aren't that good and they probably sing about drugs a bit too much, but they still make some music that's fun. "Doses and Mimosas," track 7, and "This Song is for You" will become fan favorites after listening to this record. They're not an amazing duo that will change the course of music and Year of the Caprese isn't a landmark album, but it's pretty good and it's a fun listen. I think that's all you can expect out of label debut from a band like this. There's not an album filled with songs you'll want to listen to, but you'll find a song or two you like from Cherub.


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