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Finish Ticket

Tears You Apart

Finish Ticket's debut LP is seeing a rerelease on Atlantic Records and pop music fans who lean more towards the artistic side of the genre will immediately appreciate the group's passion for creating music that's both unpredictable and easy to listen to.

Finish Ticket is an interesting band for the era that they're in. It's really easy to jump into the alternative/pop genre with a plethora of programming or a giant bass drum to help you on your way. Not Finish Ticket. Their style is original for 2014. It's a little bit like the piano based pop acts like The Fray, but the rhythm section and Brendan Hoye's vocal also make them comparable to some classic 60's pop. The best comparison actually falls in line with Roy Orbison. That might not be the perfect and that might not make you want to jump up and listen to it, but it's actually incredibly good. It pops it's head up on Tears You Apart over and over again. Not all of the songwriting is as perfect as you'd like it to be, but when the band is on, they're on really well. That said, there are a few problems with this record from Finish Ticket. The album blends together a little too much for my liking and on top of that, there's really only two gears that these guys use - slow, or moderately slow. They need to stretch themselves out a bit on future releases.

Finish Ticket's debut album rerelease for Atlantic shows off a good record. "Tranquilize" is a track that has hit potential and all of the other songs on this record fall in line behind that, even if they're not nearly as catchy. Finish Ticket is a band that has a ton of potential and they're just scratching the surface of that potential on this album. This record is an enjoyable listen, let's hope that it's the start of something great for this Bay Area band.


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