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Their second EP for Atlantic, V is the latest release from Saints of Valory. The EP contains four songs, one of them a carry over from their Possibilities EP release that was put out last year.

First, with the new songs: V has three previously unheard tracks from Saints of Valory. "Twenty Six" and "Providence" are both terrific songs that showcase Gavin Jasper's awesome vocal, the timely guitar work, and genre spanning percussion. The other new song on V is "A Lovely Day For Walking." That song isn't that great. It's not that I don't appreciate the artistic spirit of it, it's just that there's no hook. It acts like it's going to build to something, and then it never does.

As for the carry over song on the EP, it's "Long Time Coming," one of my favorite songs off of Possibilities. Normally, a carry over song from one EP to the next would be something I'd harp on, but in this case it's forgivable. "Long Time Coming" is a far better version on V than it was on the band's previous release. Somehow the band managed to make a great song even better with bits and pieces and a really great bridge in the middle of the song.

The only reason I'm disappointed in V is because I wanted it to be an album. The average listener doesn't consume music that way anymore, so I understand why it's not, but every band needs an album. That's how you make and keep your die-hard fans. Without it, you're setting yourself up to be forgotten. Nobody talks about how legendary an EP is, that's reserved for great albums like Dookie, The Colour and the Shape, and Superunknown. So while I love the remade version of "Long Time Coming" and the three new songs, I have an opinion that's likely to be similar to other people who have followed this band over the past two years. EPs are great teasers and seven songs on two different releases is something I can work with, but give Saints of Valory an album release. With all due respect to these bands, Coldplay's eighth album isn't going to be a masterpiece, The Fray's latest isn't going to be listened to and loved by all, and even something from the Foo Fighters isn't going to be a classic record at this point. Those are three odd references, but classic albums are made by new bands and Saints of Valory is the kind of band that can do that. I want to see them make it. Is that too much to ask?


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